PlastiFormance Inc.

Precision Molds and Components for the Medical and Laboratory Industries


Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver the best quality, reliable tool of anyone. With decades of experience in the field, PlastiFormance INC. can deliver high performance tools for the Medical and Laboratory fields.


With our lineup of precision machines we can hold incredibly tight tolerances on any tool or part +/-.0002in

02. Plastic Injection

While creating tools for the medical industry is our forte we also have the capability to mold plastic components with our IMMs.

(Injection Molding Machine)

03. quality control

Keeping tight tolerances can be difficult but with our inspection equipment and procedures we can guarantee a tool that will last.

04. polishing

Polishing is where we shine here at PlastiFormance with 30+ years experience we can get any surface finish required.


“PlastiFormance INC. is committed to providing high performace tooling to the Laboratory, Medical and Industrial Plastics.”

Joseph Jeffs- Founder



Founded at the turn of the century PlastiFormance INC. has been delivering tools to some of the biggest names in the medical field. After working at a plastic processing facility in his early years our Owner started PFI with his wife, repairing and creating tools for his previous employer. Now we serve over 20 customers from a wide variety of fields, supporting them with new insert, repairs, tools and spare parts.